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Collaborative Channel Commerce® (C3)

Reshare’s Collaborative Channel Commerce® (C3) Software-as-a-Service is the result of Reshare’s patented business method and system, protected under US patent number 6,594,641. C3 enables channel-dependent manufacturers to sell directly to end users without circumventing any of their valuable channel partners.

– Reshare replaces channel conflict with collaboration
– The eCommerce paradigm is positively changed to increase the buying options for the consumer. Everyone wins.
– We can create capability without the need for the Amazon infra-structure

The paradigm of the zero sum game in channel conflict needs to be addressed and resolved simply, and this is the elegance of Reshare Commerce’s business solution and intellectual property (IP). Reshare understands there is an opportunity for channel collaboration rather than channel conflict in implementing eCommerce. As eCommerce drives incremental revenue, rather than a zero sum game, there is the opportunity for revenue sharing between brand and channel, hence the name “Reshare” as a shortened version of “Revenue Sharing.”

How is this done and done fairly? As a new step during an eCommerce transaction, based on the consumer’ locale, the consumer is asked to select an intermediary from whom he/she would have likely purchased the product had the consumer used a traditional purchasing scenario. In a simple case and based on the geographic location of the consumer, the brand inserts a “pop up screen” of its intermediaries, e.g. retailers, local to the consumer and the consumer is asked to select his/her preferred local supplier for the product being purchased. Based on the consumer’s selection, the brand compensates the selected channel partner through Reshare. While the compensation rate may be less than what the channel partner would receive in a “traditional,” non-eCommerce transaction, neither is the channel partner being asked to do any functional work in the eCommerce transaction. The cost of shipping, handling, warehousing, insurance, loss, theft and damage are eliminated. Thus, the channel partner’s net profit may often be more!

Inherently, Reshare has created a collaborative relationship between brand and channel in which revenues are fairly shared in an eCommerce transaction. Fairness is achieved as the selection of the channel partner to be compensated is made by the consumer rather than by some arbitrary rule established by the brand.

The C3 implementation process starts with our channel strategists under the guidance of our Chief Strategic Officer and Founder, Adam Southam, who will work closely with you to determine how to best customize and integrate C3 into your existing business model.

An example of how C3 works

1.During the check-out process, the consumer selects their preferred retailer or distributor from a drop-down menu. If the consumer’s preference is not listed, a search engine helps locate it. In the case where the consumer has no preference, C3 automatically selects an appropriate channel partner based upon business rules determined by the manufacturer. Consumers are then advised of where the product can be serviced, returned, or exchanged.
2.Once a purchase is made, an eMail is sent to the consumer confirming the transaction details. Reshare also notifies your fulfillment center of the transaction (be it a corporate fulfillment center, an existing distributor or a third party), as well as the appropriate channel partner(s).
3.Upon completion of the transaction, C3 interfaces directly with your ERP/accounting solution.
4.Online reports become available for you and all your channel partners to see the details of their respective sales and corresponding profits in a password protected environment.
5.Profits are paid to channel partners by check or electronic funds transfer on a regular basis through ProfitPay® Revenue Disbursement Service. Alternatively profits may be applied as a credit to vendor purchasing accounts through your ERP/accounting solution.
Key Features

– Identifies nearest channel partners
– Provides search engine for locating specific partners
– Apportions profits to the correct channel partners
– Makes prompt, accurate payments
– Reports profits for everyone in the distribution channel
– Provides continuous accounting of every transaction
– Links consumers with appropriate channel partners
– Works with all of your channel partners’ technologies