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Reshare Commerce provides the only patented channel management solution that enables manufacturers and brand owners to sell online direct to end users without circumventing valuable channel partners. This Collaborative Channel Commerce® (C3) Software-as-a-Service solution mitigates channel conflict, guarantee complete brand control, and enhance the relationship between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, sales associates and the end user. It is the only solution that works for all sizes of manufacturers and every distribution and retail partner they have, from department stores and national chains to local, family owned businesses. It is the only solution that enables manufacturers to offer their product line to end users without diverting the sale or product fulfillment to a third party. As such, C3 assures that end users can choose from 100% of the manufacturer’s product line at their website, while concurrently assuring that distributors, retailers, VARs and other channel partners benefit from such virtual inventory and the profitability related to its sale.

Despite the rapid growth of online commerce, an estimated 90% of manufacturers do not sell online and 66% identified channel conflict as their single biggest issue hindering online sales efforts . These manufacturers must either decline involvement in Internet sales or risk destruction of the established distribution channels at the core of their businesses. Rather than circumventing these valuable channel partners, the manufacturer¹s challenge is to build a new online sales channel which complements the existing channel structure. The growth of the internet is expanding the potential range of complex channel relationships that must be managed. Reshare enables the manufacturer or distributor to sell directly to the end consumer without circumventing the valued channel partners.

The B2C eCommerce market is already $165 billion in annual revenue and growing at an annual double-digit rate. Reshare’s solution also applies in the larger B2B market. eCommerce is easily implemented, centered on software (shopping cart, credit card, customer relations, etc), and offered by many eCommerce solution providers that range from small companies to giants like SAP and Oracle. As Software-as-a-Service, the Reshare system is easy to integrate. .

Reshare owns a business method and system patent (US# 6,594,641), invented by Adam Southam in the 1990’s, which encompasses the software and procedures involved in selecting channel partners or other intermediaries to receive compensation for direct sales to end users made at a brand or manufacturer website.